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Because so many people have asked..

April 30, 2011

Why am I a vegetarian??

“25. Compassion for other living things is more important than pleasure. Many people scoff at vegetarianism because they love the taste of meat and cheese too much, but they are putting the pleasure of their taste buds ahead of the suffering of other living, feeling beings. You can be perfectly healthy on a vegetarian (even vegan) diet, so killing and torturing animals is absolutely unnecessary. Compassion is a much more fulfilling way to live than closing your eyes to suffering.” thank you. I couldn’t have put it better myself. I’ve been trying to phrase this for years.

I’ve been veggie since I was about thirteen… I stopped for around a year when I was about fifteen because I was being a ‘pain’ for other people.. the whole ‘well what am I supposed to feed you?!’ question. – Um. The same please, just without the lump of meat on the side. After a while I realised stopping the act of my own morals to stop just that extra little bit of fuss was a rediculous idea, especailly when the lives of others were in danger.

I’d love to be a fully fledged vegan, but at the moment what with sharing a house it’s a bit difficult. I’m being vegan where I can though 🙂

                      What are your thoughts?

(cute photograph of lamb found through Google Images, on , thanks!)

I’ll just leave you with this:

“17. There are few joys that equal a good book, a good walk, a good hug, or a good friend. All are free.”

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