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Weekly Wonders

April 30, 2011

So. I’m thinking of what sort of thing I’d like to show on here. I’ve noticed that other bloggers like using days of the week to suggest themes for their blogposts.

I’m going to attempt to blog every day to start with; inspiration, new ideas, etc. Maybe vblogs? I’m also thinking:

Minimalism Monday: Here I will show my items, make my plans, say what i’ve removed, or make suggestions. I’ll probably reference things that influence me too. Also, I’m thinking of detailing everything I buy.

Tuesday: ?? General stuff/extras. Any ideas?

What I Wore Wednesday: I’ve seen mixtures of ‘Wordless Wednesday’, or ‘What I Wore Wednesday’. Although I love the idea of Wordless Wed, I’d like to pay more attention to what I’ve been wearing recently. It’ll help on my path of minimalism (project 333, anyone?) and I can see what actually suits me!

Thankful Thursday: What a lovely idea! 🙂 Reminds me of this, which I think we should all do! People (including myself) seem to pay more attention to what they can complain about than what they are happy for. Everyone has something to be happy about, always. Concentrate on that.

Friday: ??

Saturday: ??

Sunday Snapshots: I’m thinking of using Sunday as my ‘Weekly Round Up’ day, showing snapshots of my week including my favourtite photos of the week, my art journal/diary and any inspiration I’ve come across that I haven’t yet shown.

Whatcha think? What would you like to see? What do you guys do?

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