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Minimal Monday- Clothes Catastrophe!

May 2, 2011

As much as I go through my stuff, reduce my clothes etc, they’re still a problem. Yes, I suppose due to my age I’m ‘supposed to’ go out and buy myself a new wardrobe on a weekly basis, but I rarely do get myself new clothes. I did get a few at the beginning of LAST summer, but in all fairness I was still living in the drab, washed out, over-frilly clothes I’ve been wearing since age 14. The other day I bought myself some new jeans and a white top. The top was a wardrobe staple (staple?) that is definately in my top few clothes (I’m actually wearing it now). The jeans were a size smaller than I am now (I do fit in them though, just.) as I’ve managed to put a lot of weight on recently. However I’m working so that it drops off again soon. My old jeans are far too baggy and make me look frumpy due to my height (5’2″), but i’m still wearing them for now and will turn them into a denim skirt (never had one!) sometime soon.

I enjoy project 333 (see and find this easy, but I dont see the point in storing many clothes apart from the odd jumper or pair of sandals. I’d rather have less altogether.

I realised today while photographing all my clothes that I still have far too many. (Even though I go through them regularly and sell/donate them.)

This is mainly because of guilt.

Guilt no.1: They are presents. I have waaaay too many jumpers, for example. I’m not even a jumper kinda gal. I’m more of a plain cardi kinda person. (However, even though I found a lovely one I know I would wear just the other day, I didnt get it because I knew I was overwhelmed with ‘warm layers’ as it was.) And heck, it’s summer people! Anyway. Most of my jumpers are presents. So I feel bad giving them away or selling them. Even if I know I wont wear them much.

Guilt no.2: I remember buying the item ‘recently’. Generally though, I keep the tags until the receipt has worn out so that if my brain decides to work, I can take the item back. For example, earlier this year I convinced myself I needed dungerees. Yes. Dungerees. I remembered how much I loved wearing them when I was about 10. And then, what did they do but come back into fashion? So on a trip to see my school friend I left H&M with some nice, new ‘dungas’. Of course, I took them home, wore them all of once and thought, ‘what the hell was I thinking??‘. So I took them back. Phew.

Guilt no.3: Memories. Amongst these pics you’ll see some old school tops. And I hate throwing things away. So if I have clothes that look raaather old and unbeautiful, instead of throwing them in the bin, I’ll keep them for pjs. So I’ve been overwhelmed with them, too. I think i’ve actually bought one whole pair in my life. Most of the ‘proper’ ones I’ve ever had have been presents.

The rediculous RED number: EIGHTY SIX?!?!?! WHAAAAT?? This seems soooo high especailly after doing project 333! (Bear in mind this shows all my clothes, though! Without underwear and jewellery.. (how on earth do (nearly all of) these fit in my 2 drawers??)
And the GREEN number (ignoring work & dance): THIRTY TWO 😀 wicked.

OK, SO. Please bear in mind I like wearing light colours. If my house caught fire (god forbid) and I lost all my clothes, I’d get some jeans, a skirt, a couple of dresses, probably shorts and then everything else would be white/cream/baby pink. Oh yeah. And those bl**dy pajamas. And a coat. And stuff.

  The red numbers indicate how many clothes there are to start. The crosses show items I’ve chosen to remove.
The green circles show my ‘definate’ keeps. The green numbers count these.
The blue question marks show items that I’m not sure what to do with. Often it’s a choice between remaining items. The blue numbers count all the ‘definates’ and ‘maybes’.

Please click on an image to view it larger as a slideshow!

How many blue items should I keep? Which ones? Should I just donate/sell them all?
What are your suggestions?
The blue number (ignoring work and dance): 62. Hmm. Ok. So, if we average that and the green number, that is 47. Maybe I should aim for that for now? That still seems really high..

Still on the path towards minimalism….


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