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Inside my bag..

May 8, 2011

This is for and, and the Minimalist Wallet Series 🙂 Please go and check out the others!

Ok. I must say to start that my ‘wallet’ definately isnt the most minimal thing I own. In fact, I tend to lug a lot of stuff around with me. However, I find that if I leave things out of it, I end up needing them and wishing I had brought them with me!

I use my main bag as a ‘suitcase’, too. If I go away for a few days (to my sister’s in England, to Cornwall, To Dublin for a WEEK on a uni trip) this is all I bring with me (plus a few clothes).

Okay, so. These are the bags that I own:

A mulberry bag- bought off ebay- I wanted something classy, waterproof and hardwearing that would go with anything. Does the job perfectly 😀 This is my normal bag and my ‘suitcase’. That is actually what people call it.

Then I have my summery bag, which I use when I need to bring extra stuff to uni or wherever, or to go to the beach, or just as a backup. Very pretty. From Accessorize 😀 Where else?

And then I have the little black bag which I bring out in the night or if I cant be bothered lugging everything around with me!

(there is also a black rucksack that I’ve been using when I need to take my laptop to uni on my bike, but technically that’s my mum’s..)

Here’s what’s usually inside:

Top row:
-My old, knackered pink *checks* samsung that has the main button selotaped on. As soon as this takes its last breath I’m getting an iphone.
-Chewing gum
-Lip balm
-Diary (very useful for uni etc)
-Camera (i’m obviously using the actual camera, but this is the case I use, which is actually from my dad’s old camera. And yes I like ribbons)
-Body butter- used as hand cream. I would usually have a smaller one, but I’m using this up first. I think my face is allergic to it though..

Second row:
-Water bottle of some sort
-Pass case + cute birdy coin purse (accessorize again) OR leather wallet from my dad (didnt really like, but it’s covered in paint now so more me!)
-Nail files
-Some sort of makeup just in case
-Clutch pencil. Comes with doing architecture. Never again will a normal pencil do the job 😛 Also I usually have a biro or two.
-4GB memory stick/pen drive. I lost this the other day and nearly died inside. It has everything on it.
-2GB old style ipod nano. I love ‘him’, but i’m getting a liiiiitle bit fed up of my music 😛 any suggestions?
-keys – front door, back door, bike lock, shed, padlock. plus a little light and some of those lanyard things which were prezzies.

Third row:
-my diary/journal 😀
-compact mirror
-asthma inhaler in case i die (which i usually only use if i’m around smokers..)
-sunglasses (replace with gloves if its winter)
-hand cleansing gel stuff
-a plaster. i do architecture. i use wood, saws and scalpels. ’nuff said.

Ok. So. What lives inside this wallet/passcase? Prepare to be overwhelmed.. :S And yes. Since taking this photo, I have got rid of a darn few of those cards.

And also yes, I own far too many coffee stamp things.

Still on the path towards minimalism…

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  1. May 11, 2011 1:12 pm

    I love this!

    First of all, I am so inspired by your bag collection — three! That is so great. It really is the perfect set — everyday, summer, evening… I need to get to that place. Right now I have an insane amount of little bags but these three that you love are perfect!

    Plus, I always like getting to peak into someone else’s bag. It’s such a fun way to get to know them! Almost as good as a peak in their closet, no?

    Onward toward minimalism! Good work!

    • May 11, 2011 6:14 pm

      Wow! I’m glad I inspired someone! I’ve had more- i’ve just sold two on ebay (that i feel guilty about doing especailly as one was a present…:S ) and i might replace the little one sometime soon because it looks a bit worn.. but yeah 🙂 and that one can be used everyday too so it’s all good!
      As for the closest issue, that is a bit larger than the bag selection, although I’m hiding most of that under my bed and if it’s not worn soon i’ll get rid :)… should probably do a post about that shouldnt I? 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 x

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