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What I Wont be Wearing Wednesday..?

May 11, 2011

Undies, randoms + pjs = top left drawer. Clothes and heels = main drawer. Art supplies = top right drawer.

Clothes Catastrophe Update

Since the first Clothes Catastrophe I’ve decided to put all my ‘maybes’ into a bag (the black one that I’m borrowing off my mum in case I need to bring heavy stuff on my bike) and hide them under my bed. Yes, they do all fit in the bag 😀. I’m going to leave them in there until the 2nd July, which is two months after I did the post. If I need to wear one of the items, I will take it out, wear it and then put it with my ‘keep’ clothes. So far (9 days) I’ve used the blue and white stripe shorts, the pink dress, the pink cardi and maybe one or two more items. At the end of the two months, if the items haven’t been worn (weather permitting),  I’ll donate the clothes, or sell them on ebay.

Plan 🙂


I’ve also put some things away to wait until winter (when I could re-evaluate them?):
green felt dress,
long sleeved pj top,
cream woollen dress,
dark purple woollen jumper,
converse heavy boots,
2 winter hats

This takes the count of my ‘current’ clothes (including those in the bag) to 55 (There were 62 last week, plus a long sleeved pj/top that was in the wash & I forgot 63)

Since the post, I’ve also got rid of some stuff already 🙂
black waist belt- charity 62 – 54 without winter stuff
purple flowery vest top- 61/53
purple vest top-60/52
pink cropped topshop tshirt (might swap this to the browny one before I sell on ebay)- 59/51
frilly skirt- ebay- 58/50
sleep goddess pj- charity-57 (I think I found this after the wash too)/49
blue skirt from Jane Norman-ebay-56/48

I know it’s not all about numbers, but it helps! I’ll update every so often.

(I bought two options for a dress for a ball today, planning on taking one back, but I might be wearing my old black dress. Also some heels- but if I keep these I’d get rid of the old black ones.. and also a black skinny skirt from topshop that would go with anything, and also replace my usual frumpy skirts. However, I’m definately going to take between 2 and 4 back…I’ll let you know 🙂 )

Still on the path towards minimalism…


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