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What I’m Wearing- on Wednesdays!

May 18, 2011

I’ve decided to mix things up a bit.

*Grabs big paintbrush and goes all ‘swirly swirly’ in a big heap of paint :D*

‘What I Wore Wednesday’ is where I link up with and attempt to copy her photography sessions every day, showing everything she is wearing- her jewellery, clothes, shoes, bags… but I’ve been failing on this a bit. I remember ON THE WEDNESDAY that I was supposed to do this, then rack my brains to find out what I was wearing, screw the jewellery and shoes, and rush to a mirror to take some fairly awful photos (see below).

I’ve decided to add ‘What I Wont be Wearing Wednesday‘  (like last week ) where I summarise what’s been taken out and added to my wardrobe- a little bit of minimalist madness, updating the Clothes Catastrophe. )  

(Also see below)

AND THEN, I’m going to do a ‘What I’m Wearing Wednesday’, where I show you a selection of my wardrobe/accessories/a specific item.

(See below again)

Ok. See this thing above? I got it for £5 at Air Ambulance Wales, a charity shop near me. Bargain, right? The picture really doesn’t do it justice.

It’s my wardrobe. Or closet, for you Americans 😉

(Ignore the crap on top, that’s uni stuff..)

Underneath, that’s my ‘keepsake’ box. Bit on the large side, I know. It holds my diaries/journals, back up cds, photo boxes (only small) etc. And my ice skates. On the top is a crochet blanket I made for my ex. (Took bloody ages and had so much love in it so I nicked it back when he broke up with me about a month later.)

In the drawers, I’ve got undies and pjs and bikini and other stuff like that in the top left drawer.

In the main drawer, I have all my clothes (apart from the winter things, they’ve been taken out for now. But there’s space in there so I may as well put them back in..) I also have my heels and shoes not currently being worn in there (converse and sandals by the front door).

And that top left drawer is stuffed full of art supplies. But please bear in mind there used to be SO MUCH MORE!

On the top of this cabinet are two teeny drawers (with nothing in).. and I keep my jewellery on a pretty stand/old tiny jewelley box above these..

(I was going to show you my jewellery, seeing as I left this area out of my Clothes Catastrophe, and have sort of skimmed rapidly across it in the WIWWs, but maybe I’ll do this next week, seeing as you’ve just met my ‘wardrobe’ :))

So. What I Wont be Wearing*:

(*this also counts for Minimal Monday, which I sort of missed this week..)

Last week I had 48 ‘blue’ (maybes/keeps), not including underwear, dance things (+5), workwear (+2) or winter things (+8)

So yeah, that’s 63. Shh.

This week I decided to cheat, and go through it early to get it over and done with.

I bought some new heels- yes they were expensive. KG ones. But I always feel majorly short compared with my friends (I’m 5’2″) and I wanted something a bit different. I’m replacing my old, falling apart Primark ones. This makes no difference to numbers (except those on my bank statement..)

I also bought a new dress for the ball. I only have one ‘going out’ dress and thought for my age, two is a slightly more acceptable number. I do sort of regret it, but I took back the other pair of shoes I bought, AND the other dress. So that’s better than nothing! This makes 49. (both shown below in WIWW)

I also disposed of the broken black pump trainers. So i’m now wearing through what remains of my converse ❤

I gave the brown belt to charity

I gave the blue tshirt to charity

(I chucked an old pink bra, but this doesn’t strictly count..)

I gave a pink topshop vest top to charity

I took back my new Hollister jeans. (Also kinda makes up for the price of the shoes..)

I took back that black skirt I bought last week from Topshop

And I’ve listed some really pretty lacey pink shorts (also Topshop) on ebay.

(There’s a lot on my ebay account, and more to go up… check me out if you like; my username is amy301190)

What remains of ‘the bag’ (which i’ve given back to my mum):
silky dress (see WIWW below)
red flower shorts (love)
Purple flowery top, browny crop top and denim shorts. All of which I might also give away. They remain to be ‘tested’!

Apologies for the uber-long post!

Lastly for today: What I Wore Wednesday

*skips along to the mirror with my camera and changes of clothes*
(I do apologise, I will MAKE SURE I do it properly this week!)

Thursday, Friday and Saturday:
(shh.. I was slobbing it out at a friend’s, preceeding a trip to help out at Emmaus Bristol with Uni :D)

Top: Lush baggy thing from Topshop (was originally worn with a white vest top under)
Jeans: Miss Selfridge? (My only jeans)
Bag: Accessorize (look! Effort! I included the bag!)
Hair: needs a wash.

Uni to chat with the rest of my group

Top: very comfy tshirt worth the £15 from Hollister.
Cardi: Topshop
Leggings: No idea. But the holes need to be sewn up.
(I was wearing socks and shoes (grey converse) all week, too.)
Hair: will remain needing a wash for the remainder of these photos

Uni again.

Dress: years old from Peacocks? (was in ‘maybes’, decided i’m keeping it.)
Tights: grey pinstripe, Primark.
Cardi: Same one from Topshop.

Out and about with the mum and the sister 🙂
Just so you know, I’m not THAT stumpy. Just nearly. Funny camera angle.

Top: Hollister. Very cosy.
Jumper (over arm): tried on as a joke in Topshop about 2 years ago, ended up loving it. It reminds me of Greece.. but it’s about 3 sizes too big..
Jeans: As before.

This is what I wore on Saturday night, the Mad Hatter’s May Ball for Architecture Students!Hat: Homemade. Can you not tell? 😛
Dress: Lipsy (I will show more pics of this if you want!)
Shoes: No pictures show them. But they’re my new KG ones. I’ll show you them soon. 🙂

TTFN 😀 xx

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  1. May 18, 2011 8:19 pm

    love the hat!!

    • May 19, 2011 8:18 pm

      Thank you! (i’m quite impressed… i made the basic hat at home and then threaded the wires through and the flowers in IN THE CAR ON THE WAY! 😮 )

  2. June 13, 2011 4:39 pm

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