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Do we really need perfumes?

May 24, 2011

I remember the first time I went perfume shopping.

It was about two years ago and I was just browsing Boots and Debenhams, looking for ones I liked the smell of. My boyfriend wanted me to tell him a couple that I liked so he could get me one for our anniversary. I was about 18, and had never had perfume before, apart from the ‘So?’ dregs that my mum had passed down to me at about age 15, that was probably as old as I was.

I remember having a little sniff at the samples at one counter, when the lady asked me what I was looking for. She then asked what perfume I used already. The look of utter horror on her face when I told her that actually, I had never had perfume before was indescribable. It was as though I’d said I still used urine to brush my teeth. (Just so you know, I dont, and I never have. They apparently did during the Ancient Greeks.)

Anyway. I wrote down a few I liked, and ended up receiving Vera Wang’s ‘Princess’, which was beautiful. It also came in a lovely heart shaped bottle, and with a free hand cream (score, something I always need!) and mini roll-on travel bottle.

Then this ran out after using it sparsely for about a year.

Then, as a ‘well done for  getting into Cardiff University’ present, my mum bought my a bottle of Cherry Blossom perfume from L’Occitane en Provence, which was a new shop in Cardiff in the ‘new, posh, shopping mall’.

And then last Christmas my sister Ceri got me Calvin Klein’s ‘Eternity Moment’.


No body likes to smell bad. But think about it. Do we really want to be spraying our skin daily with poisonous chemicals? We probably know we do this, but ignore it. Just like we ignore other things we know we dont like, or we know are wrong. Just to be like everybody else.

This is all without even thinking about the effects on the Earth.

I was one of these ‘ignorers’. Even though perfume isn’t a ‘must’ for me, and I dont lavishly spray myself with it daily, I do feel a bit ‘wrong as a 20 year old human first world girl’ when I think about not having any.

It was a post on another blog that made me think. mother nature network 🙂 (i cant find the exact post)

This is what my ‘perfume collection’ looks like now:

Left to right, in order of use.

Xmas pressie off sister: CK Eternity Moment. Will use until gone.
Uni pressie off mum: L’Occitane Cherry Blossom. Will use next. Beautiful and summery.
Mini Vera Wang Princess: Use next or keep in bag for ’emergencies’. At the moment I have a ‘Charlie’ spray that was a gift that I take if I’m going somewhere, or whichever perfume i’m ‘on’.
Samples from Body Shop; Love etc and Dreams.

When my perfume has gone, trusting I dont recieve any more, I will use essential oils I bought years ago from a market stall to use in oil burners etc. Either ‘neat’, or watered down.
On the left is Rosemary oil. Lovely. Kinda wintery so will probably be used at the right time.
On the right is Lavender. I know lots of people hate the smell of lavender. I might only use it from time to time. Personally I love the smell.

What do you think? What perfumes do you use, or do you use something different, or nothing instead?

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