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Inspiration: Edgelands.

May 24, 2011

In uni at the moment, we’re helping a charity called Emmaus in Bristol.
The charity consists of homeless houses, where the ‘companions’ are given a home and (yummy) food in exchange for doing chores, working in a charity shop and upcycling/restoring donated furniture, brickabrack, etc.
It’s a fantastic idea. They apparently have them all over the world. Why they dont have any here in Cardiff, I have no clue. There’s one fairly near but they dont accept furniture donations.

I’ll be going back to Bristol (England) to help out in Summer, I bet.

We’re helping the companions come up with some new ideas, things to make out of the bits and bobs that dont sell, and extra materials that get left behind, such as bed frames and broken wardrobes.

We’re also doing some reading around the subject of upcycling, recycling and the use of ‘stuff’. Very suited to my interests in minimalism. And my crafty nature.

One of the organisers, Colin, sent me a few chapters of a book called ‘Edgelands’, by Michael Symmons Roberts and Paul Farley.

It’s very inspiring.

Here are a few snapshots I made from the chapter ‘Containers‘ pdf that I found particularly interesting.

This next one is very similar to the message most minimalist blogs are stating:

The next one references Michael Landy. Now there is an interesting guy. You minimalists, take a look at him if you haven’t already. I researched into him in my Art Foundation, while looking into the theme of ‘possession’.

Freeganism. Freebay. This stuff sounds interesting. Anyone have any comments on that?

There is also a chapter ‘Landfill’ that I received. I dont think I need to say anything about landfill. Just think about it.

I’ve also been reading ‘The Craftsman’ by Richard Sennett. It’s basically about what we’re doing. Getting new bits out of old crap. Making new stuff and selling it on to raise money to help our new friends get a new start. Helping the Earth in the meantime.

Who actually likes landfill, huh?

We should all think about upcycling instead of rebuying. Using what’s naturally handed to us instead of ripping up the Earth. Recycling what we actually cant use anymore. Sharing. That sort of thing.

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