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What I Wore this Week

May 25, 2011

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Hi guys! Hope everyone had a good week! I have.

I’m actually really enjoying my life right now. For no particular reason. Which is great.
(Sometime I’ll tell you the story of timesgoneby..)

What I Wore Wednesday
This week:

Last Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th:
Stayed at a friend’s, then went to Bristol for the day to help out with Emmaus’ homeless shelter charity, where I spent the day sitting on a grubby workshop floor playing with wood.

Top: actually a pj top from Tecso. But it’s good for the weather atm, and cosy. If not that flattering.
Top underneath: white tshirt from Hollister (seen a lot last week)
Jeans: same as usual. Miss Selfridge.
Bag: Mulberry, from ebay. The world is a magical place.
I havent got the faintest clue where the socks are from.

Friday 20th:
Stayed at my friend Alannah’s 😀

Top: H&M. So cosy.
Shorts: Love these. Can dress up or down. From Topshop last summer.
Tights: No idea.

Do you like the strange ‘two-mirror’ angle? Thanks to my mum’s clutter for this idea. Shows the clothes a bit better.

Saturday 21st:
Woke up from my friend’s, met another friend in town, got a lift to the beach ( 3 Cliffs Bay, Gower, South Wales). Went from the beach to another friend’s, instead of staying in a wet tent.

As it was a beach, I went wearing this:
Top: cropped tshirt from Topshop. One of my ‘maybes’.
Shorts: Primark.
(And I didnt actually wear shoes on the beach, but my converse were my shoe choice all week)

However, this was the case:

Wet. Welsh. Weather.
I did actually really enjoy myself. My friends were shocked.

But this does mean I spent most of the day wearing this:
(same as before, + VERY WARM AND COSY hollister coat, and scarf which was a present (and a life saver) donkeys years ago.)

Sunday 22nd: Woke up at my friend’s (again- the same as Wed night, not Fri night 😉 ) feeling a bit bedraggled.

As Friday, plus a jumper that belongs to my friend Tom who was the ‘drive to beach’ friend 😉


Again (woke up there again before I went home), plus really cosy, baggy, owl print grey top from Topshop.
Ok. I have been a bit of a slob recently.

Day of doing work, catching up on things and being with my doggy.

I admit I cheated a bit. I’m wearing my ‘dance trousers’ here, but as I havent gone to any sports things recently and the weather is suiting and these are sooo cosy, I decided to bring them out of hiding so their ‘life’ wasnt wasted in a drawer.

Trousers: cropped jersey jogger things from H&M.
Top: The off-white, skeletal version of the owl baggy top from Topshop. I love these.
Underneath: white vest top, Topshop.

Wednesday 25th:
Today I’m gonna be going into uni to finish off some work, and maybe treating myself to an expensive coffee somewhere. Hopefully this uni day wont involve so much wood sawing as last Thursday.

Dress: Miss Selfridge. (I’ve also seen Connie who used to be in Blue Peter wearing it on tv..)
I’ll probably be wearing a long black cardi on top, and my grey converse, or possibly my sandals.
Please notice the blatent effort with the hair. I actually straightened it for once. It was just one of those days.
Oh, and yeah. Welcome to my room.
Thank you for visiting! 😀 Comments always appreciated if you have the time!

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  1. May 25, 2011 7:13 pm

    I wish I could head to the beach, regardless of the rain.:) Lucky you!

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