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Time to remove the STUFF. Minimal Monday.

May 30, 2011

I woke up the other morning and registered this:

My bedside ‘table’ (old stool saved from the kitchen/skip/landfil).

Covered in complete and utter crap.
(My lamp, fair enough, but in all honesty I do hate lilac…
tablets I decided I wasnt going to take any more a good few weeks ago
a necklace I havent worn for at least a few days
highlighters, UHU (god’s gift to Archi students), scissors, a mechanical pencil, bluetack. Should be in art drawer (or pencilcase I wish, but that actually isnt possible for someone doing my degree )
deoderant, which should go in my ‘makeup box’ approx. 40cm lower than the stool top
some random rubbish
a spoon?
And my watch. That is allowed. I take it off to sleep and this was the morning, remember? )

I decided that was the day I should make time to go through my room again. More ruthlessly than ever before.
And I could do better still, I’m sure.

I do have time now. Uni has slowed down to a stop this last couple of weeks, and I am looking forward to a summer of pure and total freedom (plus a bit of job working and uni work).

My plan for summer is to travel. Even if it just ends up being here in Britain. But I want to jump about, to not have an exact ‘home’ and to carry my stuff about with me to visit people and places one by one.

I aim to leave one box- my ‘memory box’- at home. And maybe a few books and the winter clothes. I’m not completely sure yet.
(I was thinking of getting some sort of filing cabinet locky thing to keep in uni with all of my art clutter in..?)

One step at a time.

But I know I need to get rid of lots more stuff first, and this is even more of an excuse to do something I wanted to do anyway!

So. I did the age-old trick of getting EVERYTHING OUT.
Strangely, I didnt have as much as I thought, looking at it all. But it was still WAY more than I needed.

This is everything I own: (apart from kitchen stuff, instruments, the art stuff, and the keepsake box. Coming up. Shh.)

Yeah, man.

So, in the next few posts I will go more into detail of what all this mess is.

End of day 1:
(I had to go out halfway through the day, I dont have THAT much stuff!)

Ornamenty things still on bed.
‘Keepsake box’ seen on floor.
Books etc on the cabinet.

Left side of bins (as seen on photo): ‘stuff to do’ = give to other people and one or three things to alter
Right side: stuff for charity/ebay
The box: the ‘keepsake’ box. Still to go through.
On chair: ‘containers’

I havent gone through my clothes or bag contents as I already have posted about them 🙂

I said I’d show you my new shoes. Here they are. I’m giving my old black heels to charity. I never wear them.
I still only own 2 pairs of heels.

This was from the charity I was helping at, Emmaus. 🙂
I thought a smaller bag (with loads of fab pockets) would be benificial. If it turns out to do my nut in, I already have a bunch of people who want it 🙂

And: LOOK LOOK! My new, shiny iphone4, which takes the place of;
My old, completely dead pink samsung. Or motorola? Cant remember.
My ‘day to day’ diary (rather than journal)
It keeps really good notes. And apps. And stuff.
My lovely old (first edition I think!) little ipod nano (pictured), which will still have a loving home with my mother 🙂 🙂

See you soon for more details on the big sort!!

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