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The Burning House

May 31, 2011

The Burning House.

This is amazing. Made me even more inspired to only keep what I really love. Then it can be saved. And carried about 🙂

Definately one for you minimalists 😉

I’d probably save my mum and dog obviously, my hard drive, my camera (i LOVE it), my iphone, (and all the appropriate chargers..) my bag (and contents), my diaries. (Journals, to you Americans 😉 ) (edit: OH MY GOD AND MY CHARM BRACELET 😐 and my bargain LBD from Topshop that is perfect and was reduced to £10)

Maybe my violin, piano books, and my art portfolio from A level and Foundation. Oh and my handmade-by-me crochet blankets 🙂

Oooh. And something warm if I’m running out of the house. My cuddly mulberry jumper if I thought, otherwise my lush dressing gown seeing as its more in reach!
What would you take?

(Just a quick post, I’ll be posting a long one soon about my big sort. I have a feeling I’ll be having another one sometime soon though!)

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