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{the Stuff sort}

June 1, 2011

This is going to be one helluva messy post to start: apologies in advance!

This week I’ve gone through all my stuff (for probably the 200th time since I was about five. Literally. I’ve been like this all my life. See my ‘about’.).

I’ve tried to be ruthless, but being an architecture student, and liking creative passtimes, I have to keep quite a lot of stuff.

I’m also planning on moving out once I’ve done a bit of travelling about (over summer) so I’m saving some things for that.

However, I need, and want, a lot less than I have, so I’ll be going back through everything sometime soon, probably.

I’ve taken these pictures with my iphone, which quite frankly is no where near as fabulous as my beautiful, trusty camera.
Meet my camera:

These are the ‘containers’ I’ve taken everything out of, sitting atop my -I dont know what to call it. Wardrobe? Cupboard? Desk? Well. That thing. You’ve seen it before.

Let’s start with the ‘random crap’. This includes things that I need to use up (more detail when I get to my ‘cosmetics’), things temporarily taken out from my handbag, cd carriers (I chucked all the cases into recycling, after a minimalist post I read some time ago which shared my enthusiasm, or lack thereof, of cd cases.), batteries, bank letters, random crap.
So yes. It’s basically my ‘man drawer’. (Anyone here a fan of Michal McIntyre? 😉 )

All of this fits into one of those lovely ikea containers. But soon, as I work through my stuff, there will be less there. (This is it stuffed as I’ve got my purse and sunnies and whatnot in there too.)

Then, the most space-consuming amount of stuff I own. Welcome to my art drawer. This is it BEFORE sorting. With all my uni stuff dumped on top. You see my point?

Well. Today I went through this. (I didnt take any progress piccytures 😦 )
I put stuff for uni in a bag to take back in October (yes, I have a LUSH long holiday :D).
I put some in another one of those ikea containers to ‘do something with’ – eg make a tote bag to carry about with me for when I have shopping or whatever, and fix a necklace etc.
And then the rest fits in the drawer, with space.
Oh yeah, and I’ve got rid of some of it too, obviously 😉

And these are my portfolios:

The huge (A1) one holds my remaining, better Art Foundation Diploma and A Level work.
The small one is now in uni holding this year’s Degree work.
And there at the front is my baby John Lewis sewing machine 🙂
(This photo is taken in the spare room with my mum’s computer to the left and the piano to the right)

I’m thinking of attempting to sell some of my better work on etsy or ebay, so byebye to the big folder. Otherwise I’ll probably stick it back in the attic – which we completely emptied a few months ago, after lots of my nagging 😉 Or give away my stuff as gifts? Or decorate my future home? Perhaps not.

These are also saved for my home. I know its a bit excessive, but I would like to have friends over, and I take a mug to uni for the studio. There were about twice as many before this. For some reason I looked like the sort of kid who liked receiving mugs.

These are also a bit excessive for now, but I have no idea what’s happening with my living conditions.
The huge orange teddy has been passed down in my family 🙂 The other is Benji 😀
The two white blankets are from when I was a ‘wee lassie’. I could probably get rid of these. One at least.
The front white, pink and blue blanket is a crochet blanket I made myself. There is a pillow cover to match (over a 50somethingp ikea pillow)
The blue thing is a sleeping bag (a bloody bulky one at that), that can also be used as a duvet or a yoga mat 😉
Between the two white blankets is a fleecey thing with a dog on it, nicknamed ‘the dog blanket’. Lovely in winter. Gonna take it to the festival this month. Also used as a picnic blanket 😀
The big heap to the right is my actual duvet.

One of my other forms of space-reducer is music.
I learned violin and piano as a child, and decided I was going to try guitar as a teenager.
I love piano, (this one belongs to my mum) and want to keep my violin which I still play in orchestras, but I could easily part with my guitar.
I’m not really an electric guitar kinda person. Well I am, but not playing it myself. But it’s one of those guilt things really. :S My mummy got it for me for Christmas.
Oh, and I used to plug my ipod into my amp using my guitar lead and adapter 😉 but my ex decided it would be a good idea to melt (accidently, shh) my guitar lead on my amp.

On top of the piano is a techtonic model (‘oooh‘, I hear you say) I made in uni. Now in uni. And at the other end my mum dumped some pot pourri on top of the music books. Please excuse the mess.

That’s enough for one post. Stay tuned for books, accessories, cosmetics, decorations and my memory box!

What are your main ‘clutter providers’?

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