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What I Wore Week 25M-1J

June 1, 2011

I took pictures on the right days again! Woohoo!
(Although I seem to have forgotten Thursday..)

I’m not going to mix it up this week. Been busy sorting 😉
Just plain old WIWW, linked up to Although this week, she’s mixed it up!

What I wore this week:

Thursday 26th May: Emmaus again.

Wore my coat, jeans and some form of top. 😛 I cant remember!

Friday 27th May: Town, and a ‘presentation’ to finish the current project for uni in the evening.

Grey pinstripe tights- Primark
Light denim skirt- Jane Norman (from my ebay pile, just to check. And they are definately going. I even changed into the black leggings that I bought in town from H&M (I did need some new ones).)
Black baggy vest top- H&M (not shown)
Jumper- Topshop. I tried this on as a laugh with my friends, I originally thought it was hideous. But I loved it, and it reminds me of Greece! (The film.) However, it is about 3 dress sizes too big for me. I decided on this day that I’m going to tighten it. (It’s now in my ‘do something with’ pile from when I sorted my room! Will work through it when this is posted and the doggy has been out for a stroll!)

Saturday, 28th May: I will be completely honest with you and say that I stayed in my pjs all day, until I donned a pair of leggings, my pink and white stripey hollister top and the jumper above at approx. 10pm to spontaneously jump on a train to the Welsh valleys to stay at a friend’s.
I did get a pic of me in one of the tshirts I wear to bed 😀
How cool is this? Courtesy of Revolution at Freshers Week for my Art Foundation!

‘This is my hangover tshirt’ 😀 (although I dont drink..)
‘Scuse the awful lighting, again.

Sunday, 29th May: Got home with just enough time to wash and get changed. Then a day at my dad’s house.

Top: Owl baggy one from Topshop. Yes, it is featured a lot. Yes, I do love it.
Scarf: gift from a friend a few years back
Leggings: H&M.
Monday, 30th May: Into Uni to organise all the work I’ve done this year into a portfolio or up on the wall.

Jumper: Miss Selfridge. Dug back out of the ebay pile to see if it looks ok backwards, because I love the colour. It did. I think. You think?
Skirt: Made from denim shorts from godknowswhere that I’d previously made into shorter denim shorts, on the Monday morning.
Tights: grey pinstripe- Primark.

Tuesday, 31st May: Into uni for a seven minute long portfolio review, onto ‘lunch’ (change of plan) with a friend, then to a green to play frisbee with my mum, sister and nephews 🙂
Ehem. Please note the
effort with the makeup!!

Yes. It’s that top again.
And that skirt.
The tights were flowery fishnet things from a few xmasses ago. Until my nephew sat on them and the button on his trousers made a HUGE hole 😛 (Doesn’t matter, I felt like a slag silly in them anyway!!)
And today, Wednesday 1st of.. WHAT? JUNE? ALREADY?
I’ve been sorting and hoovering and singing 🙂

I am wearing:
White vest top- Topshop
Blue pinstripe shorts- Primark.

I am beginning to freeze. Might put some longer legwear on before I take the mutt for a stroll. 🙂

What was your favourite thing to wear this week?

Mine was Tuesday’s outfit I think. Sans the tights. 🙂

See you very soon for a stuff update!

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