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WIWW, plus ‘An Adventure through the Rain’

June 15, 2011

Ok, So I’ve been very sloppy on keeping track on what I’ve been wearing this last few weeks.
Last week I didnt post because I was unexpectedly remaining at my sister’s (in a different country, technically. She lives in England, I live in Wales.. shh).

I took with me, for the Thursday that I went until the Sunday I was supposed to come home:
White tshirt (hollister)
Cream baggy skeletal top (topshop)
Pink and white striped 3/4 sleeved top (hollister)
Black leggings
Black tights
Red and white flowery shorts (topshop)

Unexpectedly (this always happens), we drove round and round and round and round the roundabout on the way to the station, and came straight back h0me (to her’s) again.

Lets just say I borrowed her clothes (a pretty flowery grey top, navy leggings) and washed mine while I was there until the next Thursday.
While I was there, I was sitting in nice coffee shops, dancing, cudling my niece, marking maths, wandering Wiltshire, cleaning, and volunteering in a nursery. Not all at the same time.

At some point over the last 2 weeks, I wore this:
The white hollister top, a beloved, uber-soft scarf and jeans.

On Sunday, I really felt like spending the day outside.
It was pouring.
About halfway through my day, I thought, ‘Sod this, I’m going for a walk’.
I dragged the dog (who doesn’t really like rain) for a three hour walk.
I wore my new wellies 😀 (I havent had wellies since I was about 8, and I needed some for the festival.)
Turns out I also needed them for whenever it rains.
I had far too much fun splashing in puddles, and then peeking behind to make sure I was still on my own.

(Fortunately I only met 2 groups of people the entire time I was out. The first were a bunch of (very friendly, actually) guys with motorbikes, trying to keep dry under some form of tent, in the park.)

Here are some snapshots of the day. You can see what I’m wearing.
New wellies: Joules.
Dress: Some random shop in London
Leg sock things: Sleeves from a top from Primark
Coat: Hollister.

Please can I just take a moment? Y’know when coats say they’re waterproof, and they really AINT?

Yeah. That 😐

Photos also feature my pooch, Pippa 🙂splish, splosh

WAIT! Is that a black labrador?

Nope. It was a tree.

This is what happens when you try to take a photo with a wet camera.
I find it quite atmospheric.

Yeah, that’s me. Keeping dry under a (dripping) bridge.
This is known as ‘the train bridge’ if I ever mention it.
Original name, I know.
It runs over the River Taff.

I love it when fields do this.
Not when I’m wearing converse.
❤ love for wellies 😀

Ok. This is where the story gets exciting.
There’s this place near me where there’s a park ‘down the bottom’ and a path running ‘along the top’. There’s a boardwalk and lots of steps in between. Also a steep bank.
When I was with my ex, he used to get us to run up there. I used to be petrified, but with his help I could get up.
I decided that I could do it by myself. In the rain. On wet mud.
I got about half way up, and decided to stop.
Therefore loosing momentum.
Daft, I know.
But I was over half way up so carried on trying to scramble up. But then y’old foot slipped.

I was like ‘stuff this, I’m already muddy’.
And preceeded to slide down said slope.
On my bum.

Need I remind you I was wearing a dress?

Please take into account that this photo really doesnt do it justice. There’s a wet blob at the top of the pic where it was roughly that I decided to stop. It’s probably a 75% angle all the way up.
If you look carefully, you can probably see where I slid down.

Yes. I did notice the steps to the right. 

So yeah.

Mud. In. Pants.

I tried to wash myself off a bit in the brook (under the boardwalk) but then an old lady and her dog walked past (group number 2). She didnt even smile.

Lets just say the dress is still sitting wet in the bathroom.
(I tried to wash it, but being felt it likes retaining onto moisture. And er, mud.)

Then of course yesterday, it decided to brighten up.
So I wore my new bikini (White Stuff) with my homemade denim skirt… which I’d manage to lose and FOUND the other day, 2 weeks later. It was stuck on the BACK of my clothes drawer *rolls eyes*. I was talking out loud to myself about how rediculous it was that I’d lost it, and ‘whoomph’, it fell down. I was like ‘wicked, thanks’, and kinda looked around to see if there were any borrowers or fairy dust.
Oh, and my sunnies (accessorize). Here’s the pic:

Today I’m wearing this:
Silky navy top. Love. From New Look.
Black leggings (not shown). H&M.
Socks (not shown) purple with snowflakes and xmas puds on..
Necklace: ribbon from the corset bit of my prom dress from age 16, plus Thomas Sabo carrier and leaf charm. Love.
Bracelet- same as always, a present, was a charm bracelet once.
Bobble around wrist: gained from a dance concert
Watch (not shown): 18th (? or 19th?) present off my ex.

Please ignore the awful quality (and the double chin). Was taken 2 mins ago with my webcam.

Tomorrow, I’m off to a festival until Monday 😀
I havent packed much, but I’m sure I’ll remember to take pictures this time!!!

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  1. June 16, 2011 12:26 am

    I love the look with the scarf!

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