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July 15, 2011

Sonisphere, Knebworth, England.
Festival number 2 this summer.
Booked about a week in advance.

This is my best summer yet. Not just because of those. I think I’ve been the happiest these last few months than I have been since I was a child.

Sonisphere was amazing.
(I didnt go by myself this time either, which helped matters somewhat.. (; )

Here are a selection of photos I took, showing some of the acts. (I liked going RIGHT to the front! This shocked my friends (in particular 2 boys- 6’3″ and 6’11”)- a 5’3″ blonde girl was heading straight to the front, via moshpits, during Metallica, Slipknot etc.

I did take waaaay more photos, but some are pretty shoddy due to being buffeted by the crowd.
Zoomed in camera requires balance.
I say zoomed in- but bear in mind I was 3 people behind the barrier most of the time!
(However, I do love my Canon camera with its 12x optical zoom (plus digital zoom I never use) and 12mp. <3)

Please do not take my photos without gaining my permission- it would be nice to know!

The festival properly began on Friday 8th July with ‘The Big Four’ performing.
Support act: Diamond Head.

Diamond Head:






Then they got everyone up at the same time for a song. (The pics for this are a bit rubbish I’m afraid)..
Obviously, this went down pretty well with the ‘metalheads’.

The next day, Saturday 9th July
A selection of what was on:

Richard Cheese



Cavalera Conspiracy.

Kids in Glass Houses.

Bad Religion.

Sum 41.

Biffy Clyro...

Sunday 10th July:
(not quite as many photos-reserving camera for the last act..)


In Flames.

Limp Bizkit..

And finally, the highlight of the festival for me,

(I do apologise, my camera was on its last legs and doesnt like to focus when it’s tired. And then I had to resort to my phone.
However, I learned that my phone takes pretty good films!)

(phone picture below |: )

The end of Slipknot, and therefore the entire of Sonisphere, was really sad.
Their bassist died last year (Soon after their CIA Cardiff gig as far as I can remember) and they hung his suit and bass up.
Full of hugs and sad songs.
Everyone around me was almost weeping (myself included).
RIP Paul Gray.

(Here’s a shoddy picture of the screen, where they were gathered around his suit for photos)

Until next time, Sonisphere.

Would you like some videos? Some fairly okay ones of Limp Bizkit and Slipknot if you wish?
(There’s also pretty good professional videos on youtube of the festival)

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