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Possessions: Books and DVDs

July 21, 2011

For the rest of my ‘possessions’ series, please click on the tag (:

A while ago, I went through all my books. I had heaps.
I love reading, but I also love using the library.
Most of my books, I’d never read before, and they were sitting in an overgrowing ‘read me’ pile.
You might know, that when you have a list or a pile that big, you don’t know where to start, so you avoid it.
So I’ve narrowed the heap.

*   *   *

Lets start with my music books.
I play piano, violin, guitar and sing. And I used to play recorder (;


 This was my initial heap. I didn’t do much to it, just took out some piano books that were dumped on me that I never look at.

After:My ‘random’ pile. Old songbooks from my bands, which have gone into my memory box,
and a music theory book which will come in handy.

Piano, all of which I play or want to play. Favourite being ‘Le Onde’, by Einaudi.

Violin. My mum has my older grade books to learn from.
And yes, that piece is colour coded. It’s Praeludium und Allegro. You’ll understand if you know it.

As for guitar, I’m pretty much done with those books. Ebay for them, internet for me.
*   *   *

This was my DVD and computer (PC) game pile.
This is what it looks like now (sorry for the fuzzy phone photos ): )
Vamoosh go the computer games.
And my high school’s production of Sweeney Todd into my memory box.
*   *   *

Magazines. Charity shop/friends. Vamoosh.

*   *   *

Ok, so now we’re on to books.

This was my ‘to read before you decide if you’re going to keep or not’ pile.

Below is what I reduced it to.
Much better. And more realistic.

These are my Architecture books, which I’m at least keeping until I’ve finished my degree.
(there’s another one too, ‘A Place of My Own’, which my dad is borrowing.)

I’m also keeping these. When they’re done, they’re going into the memory box.
Do you not yet know of my minor obsession with diaries?
That might remind you (;

These were saved from being thrown out by my ex’s dad.
Arent they pretty?
I have a post coming up sometime with some lovely photos from them 🙂
Also where the last two diaries came from.
They’ve gone to charity/my dad. I’m keeping the fairy tales.

*   *   *

Here is where we have to split them into categories for the ‘befores’.







and Psychology:


Here’s what I decided to definitely keep (for now, at least.):

And here’s what was added to the ‘read before decision’ pile:
I loved ‘Carrie’s War’ when I was little.
I’m currently reading ‘A Painted House’
(alongside rereading HP7)

Of course, I’m definitely keeping these (;
Gotta show the kids, innit (;
*   *   *
So. This is what my ‘keep’ shelf looks like:
(The top one shown, plus the two on the right at the bottom.
The rest are my mum’s (which I also read).)

Below is what my desk/wardrobe surface now looks like.
All my architecture + ‘to read’ books. (And DVDs for now)

I better get a move on. My summer holiday is only 2 months longer (;

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  1. July 25, 2011 4:50 am

    I like the before and after pics! It’s a great way of keeping track of your progress towards a more minimalist lifestyle. Great idea!


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