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Possessions: Jewellery

July 21, 2011

I took these photos AGES ago, meaning to post them that week. Oops.
This is one of my ‘possessions’ posts. Click on the tag to find the others!

This is a really old post, from before the big sorts, and also a little shopping spree..
I don’t know why it wasn’t published then..
I thought it still might be nice to show you though?


This ^ is my watch.
I wear it all the time (basically). It’s my only one.
It’s DKNY from Debenhams and it was an 18th birthday present off my ex.
He said he chose this one for me because it looks like the milky way. Love it.
I had this watch after my old one from my sister completely fell apart.
Screen smashed, then months later the hands fell off, and the clasp came undone all the time.

Here it’s resting on my favourite top, from Topshop.
My desk, radiator and laptop are in the background.

This is my ‘wear all the time’ necklace.
No idea where the chain’s from, but the hanger and charm are Thomas Sabo.
I love charm bracelets, I have loads of other charms which are old pendants etc. None of the others are designer or anything.
One’s quite nice to have though.
And it’s a leaf. I love trees.
I am not, however, in as much love with my hair follicles in this picture.

Or my hairy arms in this, either.
This was a charm bracelet, a present for like my twelfth birthday from my friend since birth.
The tiny charms (there were about five) all fell off one by one. I managed to save a tiny heart, it’s in my little jewellery box.
I wear this all the time. Apart from when I had some henna drying on my hand, I  haven’t taken it off in a few years.

 Apologies muchly for the awful, fuzzy photo. ):

This was the rest of my jewellery.
Left to right: Homemade button necklace
Bundled heart/locket necklace – birthday from ex
Heart/’pearl’ clock necklace – Miss Selfridge
Little ‘stacking doll’ best friend necklace – Claire’s Accessories
Amethyst necklace – from ex
Fairy necklace – from ex’s mum (16th birthday)
Pendant necklace – birthday from friend
Cup and spoon necklace – from for birthday
Mirror necklace – Topshop
Heart necklace – Asda
Rings: off ex and mum.
Bracelets were all presents. Bottom left is my charm bracelet.
I’ll do another post just on my charm bracelet. It deserves one.

Below is what my jewellery heap looked like after a bit of editing.
Lots of pendants bundled together in my bracelet and the necklace.
(The rings are still there too)

 If you would like to see any of my jewellery in more detail, please ask and I’ll do some lovely closeup shots (:

I’ve also bought this jewellery last week (on sale in Accessorize. I ‘needed’ some more dress jewellery. And I love all of these, and have worn each more than once already. Also, jewellery doesn’t take up much space, and I haven’t bought any in aaaages, so it’s ok. I don’t plan to for another few years!)

These are my hair things.
Everything on the top row is from Accessorize, apart from the bows (Asda) and the brown hairband
(somewhere in Majorca)
The pink scarf used to be my sister’s (:

This is what I’ll be keeping, as soon as my sister’s wedding is out of the way (;

please see my recent ‘possessions’ post for the update!

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