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Possessions: Lotions and Potions

July 27, 2011

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This time, I’m going to show you my beauty products including ‘bath stuff’ and makeup.
However, this is not a post showing you extensive amounts of the stuff. For that, there are a good few on youtube.
This is because I have minimalistic tendancies, and I think I have too much compared with what I need, and I’m trying to ‘use it up’!


First of all, this is my ‘product box’. That’s what we’ll call it anyway. I like bits of clutter like this hidden away. They were in a fold-up ‘ikea box’ with no lid, but this scattered them about and they were always in view, which annoys my head! I went to see my friend (at who has all these gorgeous little ‘briefcases’ to store things. This one was about three pounds from a local shop. I’m going to cover it in papers and things, make it a bit ‘vintagey’ looking. It’s about 30 by 20 cm by 10 cm big, the perfect size.

Just, at the moment, it’s overflowing slightly while I narrow down the amount of stuff I’m keeping.

I’m not going to throw out any of this unless it’s used up. I’m sure no one would buy any of it from a charity shop, but if a friend needs something I have duplicates of, then it’s theirs.


This is my largest ‘collection’ of anything. Nail stuff. Thing is, I don’t actually wear nail varnish all that often – especially when it’s term time – because it just chips really easily and annoys me. However, I’m trying to be just that little bit more ‘girly’, and I also love the new trend of pastel nails. (I know, trend following. Not good.)
I could live without all of this though. Although I’m sort of craving a (decent, mine’s rubbish) baby pink varnish and coral varnish, I’m not going to get them. Unless someone buys one for me for a birthday (November) or Christmas gift. Or I could swap one of mine with a friend? In my life, however, I’d like to have the clear one/hardener, the white tip thing and one or two varnishes. If I have a good enough moisturiser I don’t need the cuticle butter (although it is lovely- and smells of lemons (: ) and the remover is wasted on me because I pick it all off if there’s so much as a scratch. (Desperately trying not to at the moment- I have pink, green and yellow nails at the moment. From yesterday morning. Chipped.)

I might pour the avon thing (which isn’t actually varnish- it’s more like almond oil) into the base/top coat pot and mix it in. Good plan. And chuck the pink. And give the remover to my mum. 

At the moment, 11 nail products. 

Aim: less than 6


These are my ‘smellies’. I don’t like the idea of spraying chemicals onto myself, but I also like to smell nice.
Since originally planning this post (I had photos taken before but things have changed), I’ve used up one perfume.
I’m taking the ‘Charlie’ to festivals, and it’s also nice to have something quick to spray on before heading out, or if I’ve been around people who smoke. I wont replace this when it’s gone.
The (looovely) Cherry Tree perfume from L’Occitane was a present from my mum for getting into my uni about a year ago. It’s nearly gone.
Then I’m going to work my way down the right hand side. I did have another mini sample (from Body Shop) that I used up/leaked during Beach Break. ( ).
Then there’s a mini roll on version from my first ever perfume (before the one I’ve just finished) which is lovely.
Next is Rosemary oil. We’re breaching into the ‘not so chemical-ly zone now’. I might smell like an old lady’s bedroom. Nothing wrong with that..
And then Lavender oil. Personally, I love the smell. But then might be the time to get a new perfume.

At the moment, 6 ‘perfumes’.

Aim: 1


Here’s my makeup selection. I went for tinted moisturiser rather than foundation, I wanted to be a bit kinder to my skin. It’s a tad on the dark side for my face though.. And I also have bronzer left over from a few years ago, which I put on with a brush left over from a mineral foundation. When these have run out, I reckon I’m going to go back to ‘Maybelline dream matt mouse’ which really worked for me when I had it. BUT. If you know of something similar that’s all natural and good for you and the planet, please comment below! I don’t like to cover my face in foundation, I just use it as a sort of concealer.

The lip gloss was given to me as an extra because my face went all red and puffy in the shop. Haha! It’s getting a bit sticky now. Usually I don’t use lip stuff, apart from lip balm.

Then there’s a bright. red. lipstick. I’m not sure as to whether it actually suits me. Might ask a friend. All I know is that I feel like an idiot when I wear it because I’m not used to it. Maybe I’ll try and swap that with a friend for another?

The  mini eyeshadows are Barry M in a greeny black (for my goth days) and a baby shiny pink. I don’t wear them often. I’m thinking of getting one in bronze too, that I think I will use more and I can also use it as a bronzer when this one runs out. And add it to clear nail varnish (;

Mascara – no idea what make, but my eyelashes are blonde, so it’s a bit of a must have for me if I don’t want to look dead.
Eyeliner- just died ): was a mac one. I’m going to get a pen sort of eyeliner. Please read again the blonde eyelash thing.

If you have any suggestions for great mascara or eyeliner that’s ok for sensitive skin, actually shows up and is preferably natural, please say so below!! 

At the moment, (from this photo) 9 makeup items.

Aim: 7


I’m trying to use these up (without wasting them). I’m trying to work out what sort of ‘face cleaner’ works for me. These are a bit of a hassle (and huge). Wipes end up in the bin but are extremely quick and useful. Face wash dries out my (sensitive) skin, and a lot are bad for the environment (little plastic balls in them, etc). I have all three at the moment (wipes for festivals).
What do you suggest? 

At the moment, + 3

Aim: 1 of these things.


This is my ‘festival stash’. (The spray is the same one as earlier.)

After summer:
The hand gel will replace the one (below) in my bag that’s running out.
The facewipes (mentioned above) will be useful and will go quickly.
The spray has nearly gone.
The toothbrush is a spare from my friend (I forgot mine when I went to stay..) so is ideal to pack and I can use it after mine’s dead.
The little bottles are mixtures of shampoo and scrub that are so out of date they could probably be binned. Or used.
The henna was out of date when I bought it and has been open since Sonisphere, but I’m going to use it at Reading too (if it still works), then bin.

At the moment, 6 (excluding spray) festival things.

Aim: 0


One word: Oops.

I bought the first (‘boho’) dry shampoo for Beach Break, and find it really useful anyway. Then I came back and (reference to the no-lidded box) it decided to roll all the way to the back of my ‘bed drawers’, so I thought I’d lost it. I bought the ‘nude’ one (99p) for Sonisphere, and realised AFTER that I’d bought some form of bizarre powder form. So used my friend’s shampoo instead (try working out how to use that weird nozzle thing with no mirror in a tent.) I bought the ‘tropical’ one recently, and then found the original. As you do.
But, as much as I don’t like sprays and their effect on the environment, these are really useful and I know I’ll use them all by this time next year. Easily.

And the sun cream- apparently they go out of date after a year. Well sod that. They’re annoying enough as it is without having to throw out a basically full bottle. For health and safety reasons, I think I should keep at least the sun cream. But the after sun would go to waste if I didn’t, unless I find someone who wants it?  Oh, and I’m not overprotective of it, they were buy one get one free and my mum requested I labelled mine so we’d know who’s was who’s on holiday last year!

Summer stuff at the moment = 5

Aim: 2 or less


‘Health’ stuff. Kinda.

Tweezers, nail file = necessities.
Gonna chuck the pink file. It doesn’t even work any more!
Hand cleanser thing from Body Shop – good idea to carry about for those unexpected picnics/bird droppings/oil pastel smudges. Running out.
Asthma inhaler.
Thomas Sabo freebie lip balm = amazing. + Vaseline – essential? + Body shop lip balm. Only need one.
Massive passion fruit moisturiser – pain in the arse to lug about. And my face doesn’t like this one. But it was on offer.
‘Hand’ solid hand cream from ‘lush’- perfect for uni and actually works. In (now broken) soap dish tied with a bobble.
Cocoa butter hand cream- will use as moisturiser after body shop one, and also good for festivals/bag.
Tablets in case I want to go (slowly) back on them.
Concealer pen- useful for bag, but wont need when I have the one foundation I want.
Albus oil- mainly for printing (art) but useful for colds!
Deodorant x 2 (one isnt an antiperspirant 😐 ) and blades.

This total at the moment: 17

Aim: 8 or less


These are what typically lives in my bag from the above.

Hair. I don’t like using products on my hair, but serum is good to stop my curly locks looking frizzy.
I’ve had the brush since I was about 6. It matches my best friend since birth’s comb (: and also holds my bobbles.

2 items.

Aim: 2


Finally, ‘bathroom stuff’. Body puff thing, 2 cherry body washes and a soap. Working my way through them (;
Gonna chuck the veet probably. It doesn’t work on me. And I bought the comb recently because apparently brushing your hair when it’s wet is bad for you. But I’m not going to get rid of my brush, so might get rid of this. :S Dunno.
Everything else is self explanatory.  Face wash mentioned earlier.

This total: 11

Aim: 6 or less.


Overall total of beauty/hygiene stuff: SEVENTY??? oh my actual gosh. 

My aim: I would like to have no duplicates, and apart from a tiny selection of things at home, continue to carry my makeup and moisturiser about with me, for those unplanned sleepovers and nights out (: That’ll take it down to about 33, by the time I go back to uni (or less, hopefully).

Ok. Suggestions?

Edit: Since completing this post a mere 5 mins ago, I’ve mixed the body shop moisturiser, the after sun and the lipgloss (which was mainly shea butter apparently) together. I’ve also mixed together the two clear nail varnishes. I’ve chucked the broken eyeliner (but will replace) and the pink nail file. This brings the total down to 65 (:

I’ll tell you what I’ve got down to when October starts!


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