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These ARE NOT my own.

July 31, 2011

These are some lovely things I’ve had saved on my computer, and I’ve long forgotten most of the sources. ):

Thank God for Pinterest, so now we can share while showing off the creator.
I’d like to put these on here so that we can find the initial ‘creators’, and to share this inspiration with you.

There’s also the thing of uncluttering my laptop.. and I have a feeling it might die sometime soon so that’s a good idea anyway.

Arent these adorable? If a leeeetle creepy?

Camille Allen.


Vanessa Valencia at A Fanciful Twist.
Check out her blog, it’s fantastic. All whimsical and fairytaley (:
Got me into blogs in the first place.



I’m pretty sure these two are off deviantArt somewhere..
.Edgar Mueller I assume?
From an email a while back.
How amazing?


UKTara on deviantArt

.I love it. Embroidered illustration.
Bryony Edwards


This is by an artist who’s name is on the tip of my tounge…


Harry Holland.
I love his paintings. So beautiful, feminine and gracious.

.....Auke van der Weide, I’m guessing!


John William Waterhouse- Hylas and the Nymphs


.Beth Rue

.....Yvonne B

Hope you liked them too (:

Please tell me who the artists are if you know, thank you!!

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