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New Beginnings: Challenges

August 1, 2011

August the first.

I am starting three new things as of now.

1) A spending ban. Officially. Until Christmas 2011.
This does not include:
Birthday and Christmas presents for other people (but I will be thinking mindfully about what I am buying)
Travel (eg busses and trains, although I will use my bike/walk more regularly to get about.)
Experiences – eg a trip out with friends, the gym (I’ll be running freely too) or learning a new skill
The occasional beverage out as a ‘treat’
Food, when needed. (Including at Reading festival)
Any ‘other necessities’.

I will keep a log of what I spend and update this regularly (weekly?) on here.

At some point, I may choose a period of time to spend no money whatsoever, but for now I think I can manage until Christmas with those guidelines.

2) I am on a fast until next Monday.


800 million people go to bed hungry every night (300 million of them children). Today I begin a 7-day fast in gratitude.

Quoted from @Raamdev

I will, however, be eating fruit, finishing the yogurt and houmous that’s in my fridge (no point going to waste) and having a pre-planned birthday meal with my mother’s friend on Thursday. Water, green/herbal tea and fruit juice is also allowed.
I’ve been wanting to fast for lots of different reasons the last few years. Here is someone I can do it with, and a great reason. I need to be able to back myself up to my mother (;

3)  I am taking part in a thirty day portrait challenge.

This is hosted by @violetteclark on her blog.

I have been ‘craving’ drawing, painting etc recently. Especially since my re-visit to Cardiff Museum whilst waiting for the bus yesterday, and seeing this face painted by Lucian Freud. I also want to get better at portraiture. I am fairly okayish at drawing people, but they sometimes don’t look much like the person. This is something I would like to improve on.

I have been carrying a small sketchpad around with me recently, so that I can draw on the go. I also take my camera everywhere, so I am going to include portraits  in photography terms, too. I will update these along with updates 0n 1 & 2.

I have actually drawn a portrait of nobody in particular today, whilst watching ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. I was enjoying the effect until I slightly overworked the face.  The hair is unfinished; this is something I would like to work on.

I drew it in coloured pencils. I will use lots of different mediums this month.

I can already see that there are things I can improve on:
(apart from the overall thing and the overworked areas.. and of course the hair…)
The hair at the back of the parting should overlap the parting.
The nose… there’s something funny about it..
I should sharpen my pencil before I do the eyelashes (and the ‘lines’ in the ringlet)
I should probably sharpen it before attempting the patterns in the iris, too.
Etc. Any advice before I ‘start properly’? (think I might start tomorrow with a self portrait (; )

What do you think?
What could your challenge be?

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  1. August 2, 2011 6:20 pm

    Wow – love the intensity of your face and how you captured it. Thanks so much for playing with this challenge – you will notice great improvement as you continue creating! I think you need to just Do It and not worry about it being perfect. The lines do not always have to be crisp and clean – they can be fuzzy and blurry and be just as effective!

    Love, violette

    • August 2, 2011 8:03 pm

      thank you! I’m not completely happy with that picture- but I know I’m rather hopeless at drawing from imagination/memory, so it’s not too bad! I’m currently drawing Jack Sparrow- was just watching POTC2 – and I drew my nephew earlier (but he was fidgeting lots so his features were drawn at different angles and it doesnt look like him- will post in a few days! (will send a link). What have you drawn today?


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