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Stuff Sort: Take Two

August 6, 2011

I went through all my stuff again.

This is an interesting squish of 3 photos of all my stuff on my bed (created on picnik)

Apart from the few seen dumped there, this doesn’t include clothes. I will be going through my clothes and ornaments (I know they have no need, technically) soon, in the same ‘method‘.

This ‘sort out’ also doesn’t include my uni based architecture stuff, art portfolio, camping stuff, some of my ‘keep’ books,  my violin or guitar.

Right then. Onto the ‘method’.

As you can (sort of) see above, I have organised my stuff  into three clear plastic boxes, a trunk and some random stuff on the bed.
From right to left, these contain:
Bedding/blankety things I’m keeping (for now):
(fleece ‘dog’ blanket I use for picnics etc too, homemade crochet blanket and matching pillowcase, single bed set.)
 ‘Keep’ (for now) box
‘Use’ box
‘Could live without’ box
‘Memory’ trunk.
(In front: bag with bag stuff in (keep), ‘beauty’ box (keep for now), ice skates (keep for now), clothes (to be sorted) )

I then went through these boxes one by one.

Memory trunk:

^ This is what was in it before. ^ This is what I’m keeping (for now). 3 sketchbooks (out of many), songbooks from my bands, backup cds and hard drive, yearbooks, scrapbooks, important documents. ^ And of course, my diaries (/journals.. sorry.) (2 different links)
Also my few soft toys I cant bear to part with.

Above is what I need to look through/edit.
(The photo boxes went back in, old letters and notes to look through and a video of my old band to turn into a dvd)
So these went into:

 ‘To use’ box.

Inside it: books to read, canvasses to paint, projects to finish, clothes to sew.

With the exception of some art materials, if these haven’t been read/reorganised/used/whatever by the 25th September 2011, they will be gone.

I put them into this box which is nicely in my line of site for when I get bored.


The ‘Could live Without’ box:
I found naming this box this made it easier for me to be more ruthless.
These are things I usually panic about getting rid of, even though I know I don’t need them.

Above are the things I decided to live without. I’m worrying slightly.
*Pines for prom dress I will never wear again*
I’m going to add these to the bootsale I’ll be holding soon.
If they don’t sell, it’s ebay/charity shop for them.
(Hopefully they will sell, avoids the extra hassle and the charity shops putting up with me AGAIN.)
(Oh, and the extra money. That was actually an afterthought (; )
I’m going to try and sell this crochet blanket on etsy or something if it doesn’t sell well beforehand.
Anyone want it? 


This is the heap of the stuff I wasn’t so sure about removing just yet.
12 items:

Wireless mouse (in case of drawing on laptop)
KG shoes
Cordless microphone (for when I’m singing in bands)
Little cute owl coin purse
Coloured pencils (now in the ‘for when the kids come to play’ bag)
Giant orange teddy (family heirloom)
Pretty accessorize bag
Silk scarf
3 bear factory outfits (because I’m sad (; )
Black leather, paint coloured purse from my dad (guilty?)

For now, I’m allowing myself to keep 6:Although if I can sell the shoes for enough, I will, and if my nephews/niece want the teddy, they can
…and I might just remove the others from my ‘stuff’ too.

‘She’s not counting the painting behind’, I hear you say? I’m doing decor etc another time (;

That leads us on to the ‘keep for now’ stuff:


^ ‘The big stuff‘: Laptop, ice skates (which I want to use more), sewing machine (ditto), microphone (ditto), KG shoes.

Hang on. Shoes. How come I’m counting them?? They’re ‘clothes‘. Obviously a guilty concience :/  .
And I know I can live without the ‘dittos’ if I’m not using them enough now. I’ll see how it goes.

The other ‘stuff‘.

Lotions and Potions box
Jewellery and box
Scissors, hole punch, pencil case, scalpels, glue, selotape, pens, sketchpads…
Lighters (I don’t smoke)
Different threads for when I use my sewing machine more
3 bags (and the other one, not shown here) and stuff
Cds in cases (for when if I have a car)
Camera charger, phone charger, laptop charger..
Music books, archi books, (other books elsewhere)
About 3/5 of the dvds

Is that it?

That heap is still sat exactly where it is in that photo.

See you soon for the decor and clothes versions.
And then around the 25th September for the final list of all my stuff !! (after the ‘use’ and ‘beauty’ stuff has gone.)

 Any tips/words of wisdom/encouragement/shock? 

Edit: I can already see things that can go, from my ‘keep for now’ pile. If I haven’t used them by September 25th, perhaps?




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