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August 15, 2011

In the last few weeks, I’ve been ploughing through my ‘to read’ pile of books.

I began with ‘The Stars’ Tennis Balls’, by Stephen Fry (yes, that one). It was leant to me and I read it quickly after re-reading ‘HP7’, and a few pages of ‘A Painted House’ , but before I started tackling my stack of ‘to read’ books.
It’s quite a bizarre book, well written with massive plot changes throughout that keep you on your toes- and also make the book appeal to a wide audience due to the variety of ‘genres’ the book passes through. I might read it again some time in the future, but only after enough of a break that I’ve forgotten the storyline. I suggest reading it; it won’t be like anything you’ve read before.

‘The River Bank and other stories from The Wind in the Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame, Illustrated by Inga Moore.
Here is a book that I never read as a child- I sort of skipped these types of books and read all the Enid Blyton books from the age of about four upwards, before going onto Jacqueline Wilson. This is a beautiful book with sweet, quaint stories. I’m glad I’ve given it a read now, even if I am a bit old. If you have children, make this a part of their lives. The illustrations are the best part and definitely appeal to any age:

‘Daddy’s Little Earner’ by Maria Landon
I’ve read this book before. A while ago, I was really into psychological books based on the lives of children. (Torey Hayden got me into these. Give her a read. ) I have a small pile of these books, some of which are really good, some not so much. I couldn’t remember which were which in some cases, so they’ve gone in the ‘reread’ pile. This one is one of the mediocre ones. If I hadn’t read it before I would have kept going- it’s based on truth and is easy to read quickly- but as I read this time I could remember what was around the corner. It’s worth the read if you like this type of novel, but this time I stopped reading about a third of the way in, because there are books further into the pile that I’d rather read. This one is about a little girl with three brothers, that gets neglected and abused by her father.

‘Carrie’s War’ by Nina Bawden
This is another children’s book, that I’ve read before. I remember that when I was about ten, I really enjoyed this book. It’s a sweet little story about a little girl’s time in Wales (woo!) during the war. I enjoyed it this time round, too, even though I’m a lot older. I’ll be keeping this book, at least for now. I’d like my children (who I don’t have yet) to read some of the books I enjoyed as a child, even though most of them I don’t have anymore.

‘The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler’ by Gene Kemp
In the same set as ‘Carrie’s War’, I think this is another children’s classic, but I’ve not read this one before. The language and short chapters in this are a lot more appealing to children, and I’m thinking of passing the book along to my ten year old nephew. It’s about a couple of lovable, mischievous schoolboys – I wouldn’t recommend giving it to a naughty child! I’m glad I’ve made the time to read this after all these years, but I won’t be keeping it.

What books have you read recently? What do you think?

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