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‘Spending Ban’ Spends

August 15, 2011

£1.95 cappuccino

£1.50 bus
£1.85 Iced coffee
£3 smoothie
£3 caramel macchiato

£1.50 water
£2.50 ice cream
£10 meal
£1 tip

£3 bus

£1.50 bus
£2.75 skinny vanilla latte
45p sweet chilli sensations crisps
18p banana
£6 ish disgusting lasagne
£10 taxi

£4.25 gym

£1.50 bus
£3.20 white chocolate mocha
£1.50 bus
£4.25 Zumba

TOTAL: £64.88.

What is this???

Timespan: 1/8/11 until 14/8/11.

Bus: £9
Coffee: £12.75
Food/other drinks: £23.63
Entertainment/exercise: £8.50
Other: £11

Not great for a spending ban. But I did stop myself from buying some lovely clothes (a navy jumper and skirt, a rust blouse, a bike tshirt and a cardi).
I’ll try to use my bike more (when the tyre’s pumped..) and not buy quite so much coffee & food. However, this isn’t comparable with normal because I’ve been spending a lot of time in coffee shops catching up with friends while it’s summer. Keeping track when I’m back in uni will be interesting.

I will aim to spend much less these next two weeks.

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