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30 Day Portrait/’Do more Art’ challenge

August 31, 2011

At the beginning of August I decided to take up some challenges.

Here are (some of) the results of the portrait challenge, hosted by Violet. 

At the start, I was planning on drawing a (decent) portrait every day, and uploading them on here daily or at least weekly.
Turns out I didn’t draw one per day,  but I made a concious effort to draw and create more as a whole.
Here are some of the not-quite-so-failed portraits I’ve done over the last month. There’s a LOT more improvement to go, and I’m going to continue to draw people from observation as much as possible. I’ll show you every now and again (:

A large photo of a tiny self portrait done on nice paper with coloured pencil (:
.Some shoddy pencil drawings. Clockwise from top left: ‘Hannah’, ‘Sam’, self portrait, made up.
.Some more made up people. Although bottom right is kind of from a photo (Story inspiration drawing.)
.Know who this is? The eyes are a bit funny though..
.My friend Bethan, drawn at a really weird angle at 3am, ignoring her hair
.A little girl in a cafe, and then drawings from the illustrations by Kenny McKendry in the Peppermint Pig.
His style is a little like mine so I thought I’d try, and it was helpful. Interesting how he doesnt draw the bottom of the eyes.
.Type ‘fashion illustration’ into google and you’ll see the picture I sort of followed.
.My friend Becca
(drawn in biro and then messed about with the contrast on the laptop which failed it,
especailly as it’s about 5cm big in real life.
Oh, and I messed up the eye on the left because I couldnt see it under her fringe.. :|)
.My eye and nose, drawn from a pocket mirror in Starbucks with  coloured pencil.
.I am pretty proud of this.
My nanna sleeping ❤ It looks like her too (:
and from the drawing above, I tried to draw a caricature of an old man…and before I said what/who it was, my mum said it looked like my uncle, who is my nanna’s eldest son!
Personally, the lips/what I call ‘Thomas the Tank lines’ remind me of Homer Simpson, but whatever!

Comments, suggestions and help would be really gratefully received! x 


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