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Laurie Lee

September 17, 2011


 ‘As I Walked out one Midsummer Morning’ 
written by Laurie Lee

Categories: Autobiography, Travel.

It was 1934. The young man walked to London from the security of the Cotswolds to make his fortune. He was to live by playing the violin and by a year’s labouring on a London building site.
Then, knowing one Spanish phrase, he decided to see Spain.
For a year he tramped through a country in which the signs of impending civil war were clearly visible.

Thirty years later Laurie Lee has captured the atmosphere of the Spain he saw with all the freshness and beauty of a young man’s vision, creating a lyrical and lucid picture of the beautiful and violent country that was to involve him inextricably.

‘A beautiful piece of writing’- Observer.

This is a great book. It is so inspiring in terms of travel, writing and other arts, and includes the most beautiful descriptions and analogies I’ve ever read outside of a poem.
It is possibly the most inspiring book I’ve ever read. You can literally open any page and there will be a paragraph I’ve read twice or more; not for the usual reasons, where what you’ve read goes over your head, but because I enjoyed reading it so much just a moment ago. Such beautiful, vivid descriptions that you want to imagine again and hold in your head. I could open any page and draw from it.
(Also, it smells like old book- but that doesn’t necessarily come in the package- I have an older version than the illustration shown above- and it’s not the author’s doing, it’s just a bonus.)

This is the first book I’ve read by this author, and I’m definitely going to read the others. I’m keeping this without fail.

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