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(Yes, that does say fairy. Yes, it’s spelled funny. And yes, I was thirteen when I made that up.)

Hello (:

My name is Amy Roberts.

I was born in Wales, UK, in 1990 .
(Yes, I can speak Welsh not fluently)

I’ve lived here in Cardiff all my life, but love to travel.

Literally my whole life I’ve wanted to get a caravan and travel around the world.

And then settle somewhere, design and build my own house from scratch. That’s the main reason I’m now studying Architecture (:

I’ve been sorting my stuff since a small child in order to get less and less (I thought I was a bit bonkers)  so that I could fit it in my caravan/tiny house/car/whatever. However, being a small child, you do gain quite a bit. I’ve always chosen the smaller bedroom in the house though, and kept my stuff in there 🙂 (and the attic, and books etc spread out around the house..)

Now I think I’ve found out that I’m a bit of a minimalist.

Finding other blogs with the same message has really helped me.

It’s all about the experience.




These are some drawings I found that I did as a child of my ‘ideal possessions’:

See. I was a bit of an odd kid.

I also love writing, creating, walking, nature, music, singing, piano, teaching, helping, learning… the list goes on.
This will be evident on my blog.

Please ask me to elaborate if you wish to know more (:

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