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Get back to ideal weight (a third of the way there! – Early September ’11) 

 Travel (see below)

  Move out DONE! 6/9/11

 Get a caravan, decorate it and live in it (keep everything I own in it)(also included in ‘move out’)

 Turn caravan into mini art gallery thing

  Sell my paintings etc from A level and foundation

 Create more (Am doing! (: ) 

 Journal more (Am doing! (: ) 

 Write 5+ great songs

Get the band properly going again

 Write that children’s story and illustrate it

 Write the underground story (started a story!)

Own less than 200 things/sets (of socks/paints/whatever)

 Live for me (and help others obviously) (Am doing! (: see the next one) 

Live for the moment (whilst still thinking of the effect on the future)

Read & review briefly my ‘to read’ pile of books
(Read 1: A Painted House
2: The Stars’ Tennis Balls (not from that pile)
3: Wind in the Willows
4: Daddy’s Little Earner
5: Carrie’s War
6: The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler
7: The Peppermint Pig
8: Smith

9: As I Walked out one Midsummer Morning – currently reading) 

 Get a tattoo/something pierced? work out whether I want to keep myself ‘pure’ or not 😛

 Learn to do/try an ‘extreme sport’

 Exercise more (consciously making an effort!)

 Get a car?

 Don’t buy anything (apart from food when needed, and coffee :P) for 3 months until xmas shopping/birthdays
spending ban started 23/7/11 – excludes reading festival and necessities – FAILED
Started again 4pm 1/08/11 

 Get the ebay pile on ebay and sell/bootsale
Had a bootsale. Made £86. Now I need to sell the other bits on ebay/to a shop.

 Get an etsy account

 Write a letter to owen (nephew), izzy (neice), sam? (older nephew), ceri (sister)

 Go running/gym/whatever at least twice a week (doing ok at this!)

 Be able to run 2 miles without stopping

 Get good at dancing (dont be the short, stumpy one(!))

 Play guitar, piano and violin more regularly and get better

 Re-cover lamp (dont have the lamp any more)

 Make own clothes when needed

 Make dolls that are good enough to sell

 Do a ‘drawing a day’ for at least 3 months and update them and my journal on here weeklyish
(did 30 day portrait challenge and continuing to draw a lot more) 

 Do some ‘carved’ illustrations


 Day(s) trip to Bath etc

 Day(s) trip to London and museums etc like an old school art trip and tubes for inspiration

 Learn languages (Italian please)

Tighten pink jumper (made it too tight, almost. Might unpick.) 

 Make iphone case (made a plastic bag one but a bit too bulky, and a calico one- too flimsy!) 

 Make camera case – plastic bags? (Decided not to for now)

 Have a week of themed photography – did the themed photo posts, will continue. 

 Make my own bedding 

 (By the end of summer?), be able to fit all my stuff in/under my desk/wardrobe thing
(moved out now but it was there and only like sleeping bag under my bed)

Go hang gliding/skydive

Make a bag from a book

Embellish my clothes

Completely finish family tree and print out nicely (one for diary, one for wall) – then start tracing back further.

Go in a hot air balloon

Grow my own food

Have a dinner party

Make lots of friendship bracelets (:

Finish ragdoll, hair and dress

Finish a present for a certain someone 

Finish Ceri’s painting

Paint for mum

Finish painting of mum

Dye red jumper

Dye pink scarf

Embroider a tree with buttons

Finish the name cross stitch and do something with it

Finish yellow painting

Paint faces

Make business cards

Paint baby’s breath

Draw a mermaid 

Finish/neaten both crochet blankets

Do a photo a day for a period of time – photojournalism

Read architecture books cover to cover

Paint Llandaf cathedral

To do otherwise:
Felt dolls, fimo dolls, make clothes, paint on canvas and in books, write story, write songs, write diary, play instruments, read, exercise.



(lots nicked from here)

Visit a volcano

 Visit Socotra island off the coast of Yemen, which is an international biosphere reserve, and has been called the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. Home to dragon blood, frankincense and myrrh, and both Thomas the Apostle and Sinbad the Sailor are said to have visited.

 Try WWOOF-ing in Australia. This isn’t about communing with dogs, but trading your labor for board and lodging as a Willing Worker On an Organic Farm.

 Go to Iceland: glaciers, volcanoes, whale watching and the Northern Lights. ‘Nuff said.

 Visit Syria and travel into the desert to experience Palmyra, one of the lesser known ruins of the world.

 See the world’s tiny nations and micro-nations. Once you’ve got the biggies under your belt, it’s time to check the dots on the map. Some are legit countries, some less so… which makes them all the more compelling. – roadtrip and visit all the little places

 Drive the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan, one of the highest roads in the world, or hit another of the spectacular roads in the world.

 Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It may be a bucket list cliche but is certainly no walk in the park, and must rate as one of the most iconic walks in the world.

 Crash the night in the Jumbo Jet Hostel in Sweden, or stay a while in another of the world’s most whacked out hotels – such as one totally built from ice, or one which is entirely underwater. I once stayed in Luke Skywalker’s house in Matmata, Tunisia, which was pretty cool.

Explore the stunning landscapes and Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh.

 Track down some Coast Redwoods in California, the tallest trees in the world. Over 100 metres tall, with trunks up to 8 metres in diameter, some of these bad boys have been around since before the time of Jesus. Check out some photos of giant redwoods.

 Visit Burma, but avoid lining the pockets of the military junta wherever possible. The Buddhist monasteries look gorgeous!

 Soak your cares away in a Japanese onsen. These natural hot springs are found all around the country, and in northern Honshu you could even end up bathing alongside the local snow monkeys! If you can’t make Japan, there are hot springs all around the world.

 Get off grid in Baja by pimping up a vintage travel trailer on the cheap, and let the road be your home.

 Learn to scuba dive in the Red Sea, and then explore some of the world’s top diving destinations – it really is another world down there.

Hitchhike around South Africa. I’ve hitched around Scotland and Syria, and from northern England to Amsterdam, but South Africa would be something else! Thumbing a ride is great fun, though of course there’s always an element of risk involved.

 Go tribal in Papua New Guinea. If you are smart, you can even do it on a budget.#

 Travel the Trans Siberian railway, but do it independently so you have the flexibility to take some side trips. And if thousands of kilometres of noodle slurping and vodka supping isn’t your thing, try one of the other spectacular train journeys of the world.

Go wild on Tortola, home to the most notorious full moon party in the Virgin Islands. Then recover – and get in touch with your inner pirate – on Jost Van Dyke, relaxation capital of the Caribbean.

 Camp out and soak up the stars in Pan de Azucar. This national park in Chile, where beautiful coastline meets Atacama Desert, is considered one of the world’s best stargazing destinations. Seeing the stars properly – reallyseeing them – can be totally mind blowing.

 Take part in La Tomatina in Valencia, where 30,000-odd people have the mother of all food fights.

Travel wild on the African island of Madagascar, said to be home to 5 % of the world’s plant and animal species. One word: lemurs!

 Explore the rainforests and mangrove swamps of Borneo, home to Bornean Orangutans, Asian Elephants and Bornean Clouded Leopards.

 Float around the Dead Sea in Jordan, where you really can sit up and read a newspaper. Covering yourself in “therapeutic” black mud is compulsory. Sticking your head underwater most definitely isn’t. And, best not to shave beforehand, ya know?

 Zipline your way down to a tree house at Finca Bellavista, a sustainable development in the Costa Rican rainforest where people live in tree houses and stilt houses connected by footpaths and ziplines! If there’s no space there, check out one of the other cool tree houses around the world.

Go to Rome/travel Italy and make way back – see Rach too?

Visit Mitha in India and then travel Asia to China, Malasia etc

What do you want to do?


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